Commercial pergolas for restaurant business owners

In today’s more competitive restaurant and hospitality landscape, a major key to success is to have an establishment that clearly delivers a reason for patronage. And obviously, there just isn’t one certain thing that makes an establishment successful. Good food, inviting atmosphere, attentive service—they’re all givens if you are going to be there for the long term.

But here’s one factor you may be overlooking: maximizing the use of your outdoor space while shielding patrons from the harsh elements and protecting them from mosquitoes and other flying insects.

This short video presents stylish ways you can enhance the function of your outdoor restaurant space to accommodate more patrons comfortably.


Pergolas By Parrino is a new entry in the pergola market, designed with well established and tested components our functional designs and floor plans are more than just architectural elements.  They transform your outdoor restaurant space into a fully a fully screened-in porch in less than a minute.

A Pergola By Parrino with louvered roof and side screens allows you to serve more people in a more comfortable setting than either you or your patrons might have thought possible.   And that could easily add up to a stronger bottom line for your establishment.

Let’s take a quick tour of the key features which make Pergolas By Parrino worth your consideration.

  • Its ability to transform an open outdoor living space into a fully roofed and screened- in porch in less than a minute
  • Structure which can be erected on decks or patios
  • Louvered aluminum and built-in gutter system
  • Hidden, motorized side screens, accessed at the touch of the button
  • French door screens operated with one hand to allow for easy entrance and exit to the room
  • Variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs


Bottom line:

It all adds up to a new level of outdoor comfort and enjoyment for your patrons without concern for weather or insects.

Best of all, these pergolas can usually be erected in a few days without using footings, although some communities may require piers to be sunk.

To take it to the next step just contact A.J. Parrino, owner of Pergolas By Parrino and Illinois Retractable Screens.  He’ll meet with you at no cost or obligation to show you how others have improved their space and profitability and what options are there for you to do the same.

To arrange an assessment and consultation, just call me at 708-246-2525. I look forward to being of service. A. J. Parrino