Pergola Ideas

Pergola Ideas

Pergola Ideas

If you are considering making some changes outdoors, adding a pergola is a great idea. They can extend your outdoor living space, spruce up your backyard, provide a bit of cover, and help to clearly identify various areas in your back yard.

Let’s look at some interesting pergola ideas:


Pergola Ideas – CREATE A WALKWAY

Use a pergola as a walkway from one area of the garden to another. This will encourage people to take a specific path when navigating the yard or garden, and add a unique three dimensional piece to an otherwise flat landscape.



A pergola can be either a free standing structure or be an extension of your home. By choosing an area to build a pergola you are easily and handily extending your indoor space outdoors. A pergola can serve almost the same purpose as a porch or sun room would, although with an open roof there may not be much protection from the elements.


Pergola Ideas – ADD A FUNKY ROOF

Just because pergola roofs are traditionally flat doesn’t mean you need to stick with tradition.  A peaked roof on your pergola in line with the one on your house will be an incredible addition to your backyard and an extremely pleasing design element that will be a conversation piece for years to come.



Though pergolas are often constructed from cedar, there is nothing to stop you from changing up materials. In particular your roofing material can lend an air of surprise to your pergola, as it will be most visible only when inside the structure. As long as the material allows some light and air flow you are still within traditional pergola guidelines. Consider bamboo, wicker, lattice or a myriad of other options.


Architectural design is so unique and varied. There are many common architectural styles as well, such as Victorian, Tudor, Colonial, A Frame, Cape Cod, etc. that it almost seems silly to stick with a plain pergola. Why not re-invent your design to either match, or compliment the style of your home? Imagine a Victorian pergola design, with gingerbread trim, or a Cape Cod pergola with gables?

There are so many pergola ideas that are yours for the taking, and all they require is a little planning, and a big imagination. Consider sitting down with pencil and paper and sketching out a few designs before you build.

Pergola Ideas

Pergola Ideas

Pergola Ideas


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