Unique pergola

Unique pergola

Unique pergola’s

A pergola is a structure found in a garden that can provide marginal shade and cover. Because a pergola has no roof per se, but rather a cross-section beams for a topper, the addition of vines or flowering plants are necessary to provide better shade, but still result in no protection from rain. The walls of a pergola are open as well for an airy feeling, and a pergola may be put in to use as a walkway or as a stand-alone structure.

There is no one correct way or design for a pergola. They may be found on a patio, in a garden, on the deck, or perhaps along the waterfront at a café or bistro. But there are some unique pergola designs that are more beautiful than others.

A multi-level pergola provides a one of a kind seating area outdoors. By providing one or more structures with varying height levels, one is able to define distinct seating areas, and add interest to their patio or garden.


Unique building materials are another way to stray from the ordinary design for a unique pergola.

With the use of stone or concrete columns rather than cedar, your unique pergola is transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

By adding a splash of color to an otherwise natural pergola you can add a whole other dimension to the design. Perhaps just a hint of color on the columns or trim, or even some unusual plantings that provide a mix of color can add a vibrancy and whimsical flair.


What about mixing up the shape of your unusual pergola?

Venturing from the traditional square or rectangular lines can create a more organic feel. A round or even triangular unique pergola will become a real focal point in any environment.

Mix things up by adding some interesting elements to your pergola such as latticework, scrollwork or various trims. They can add visual interest and may provide a way to tie in to any unique architectural features found on the corresponding home or building to which they are related.

Hanging something from the top of your pergola can add functionality or simply serve as a focal point. Lighting or even a small fan suspended from up above can not only help to keep insects away, but also provide lighting for the evening, allowing you to enjoy your pergola even longer.

There are many unique elements and features to add to your unusual pergola design. Choose one or several for a truly unusual and unique pergola.

Unique Pergola

Unique Pergola
Unique Pergola

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